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    Stuck Between Complex Processes Long-Due Collections?

    You care for your patients while we care for your practice and enhance your cash flow!

    We utilize the best strategies and practices to assist you in resolving your billing issues for you to achieve outstanding results.

    Our tech-driven, future-focused solutions help you save time and Money

    How Astron EHS Process Your

    Dental Billing

    Claim generation

    We enter accurate patient demographic information into the billing software to generate clean claims.

    Claim Verification

    Each detail of the patient’s information is double-checked by their insurance company from our end.

    Claim Submission

    As soon as the claims get verified, we submit them to the claims to the respective insurance companies.

    Payment Posting

    Our agents quickly upload the payment to the patient’s ledger for the record as soon as it is collected.


    If a payment is late, the team will contact the payer every 10 business days to remind them.

    Denials Management

    If a claim is denied, our special team investigates the reason for the denial and, if necessary, files an appeal.

    Astron EHS’ Expertise

    Astron EHS is a leading provider of dental billing solutions in the United States. We can deliver the best dental billing services to each of our clients since we have a team of top industry professionals on board and all the high-tech procedures integrated.

    • HIPPA Certified
    • Expert and Scalable Team
    • Serving 1000+ clients

    Why Choose Astron EHS

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    Cost-effective set-up

    It is easy to get started. We will even review your coding and suggest system improvements at no cost.

    Proven Track Record

    10-years proven record of improving collections by 10-20%, delivering greater value in the dental billing industry

    Complete Solution

    We handle all the billing for you. Your employees will not have to enter data, correct claims, or call patients to collect money.

    Team of experts

    We bring the best team possible to the table. Dental providers, practice managers, trained coders, engineers, and business professionals are among our professionals.

    Monthly Custom Reporting

    See exactly how your practice is performing briefly. We don’t overwhelm you with data, instead highlight significant and relevant performance measures along with suggestions & improvements.

    Customized Process and Technology

    A system developed to eliminate errors supports our value delivery and quality. You will know what will be paid if you pre-adjudicate claims before submitting them.

    A plan that delivers results

    Eliminate The Challenges Of Revenue Leakage, And Poor Patient Engagement And Enhance Your Staff Efficiency

    90% Claim are Paid

    90% of claims are paid in 60 days. 98% paid in 120 days.

    Increase Profit

    Avg. increase of more than 5% in profits per case within 18 months

    Low Denials Rate

    The typical Denials Rate is lower than 2%

    We provide Dental Billing Services to a Broad Vertical

    Complete RCM Service

    Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) will help you keep your income stable while providing you more time to focus on your patients. Our devoted professionals, in-house coding compliance officers, and qualified coders handle your Dental claims throughout their entire lifecycle. Clean claim rates will improve, denials will be processed faster, and cash flow will improve with this experience on your side. Astron EHS aims to relieve you of time-consuming responsibilities by delivering high-quality service at a fraction of the expense of in-house invoicing, allowing you to focus on medicine rather than administration.

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    Dental Billing For Clinics
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