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Hire Game Designer


Create the game of your dreams with the game designers for hire we’ll locate for you via outsourcing or outstaffing. Our vast pool of professionals, as well as our in-depth understanding of the basics and trends of the gaming business, will enable you to augment your team with fully equipped experts committed to your project.

Our Game Design

You can engage game designers to come up with an idea and create a game from new, make changes to an existing game’s mechanics and gameplay, or deliver a worthy update to one that has already been released: we will select the appropriate team for each of these services.

  • Game Design From Scratch
  • Scaling your In-House Team
  • Full Support Of your Product


Hiring Model of Corporation


You entrust us with specific duties or functions relating to specific parts of game development or the entire game development process. We choose the team and manage it for you, so you don’t have to worry about employing people, supplying them with the appropriate software, or dealing with the bureaucratic complexities that come with employment.


We select individuals or a team from our large database of candidates, which is approved by you and officially transferred to your working state for the duration of the implementation of your tasks: you manage this team completely, and we provide it with everything it requires to relieve you of administrative and labor concerns.

Professional Strengths of our Designers

Impressive Game Erudition

Our game designers are very familiar with the game market, keep up with the newest game trends, capture modern game design techniques while discarding obsolete ones, and are always aware of what has to be added to the game in order for it to stand out amid tens of thousands of competitors.

Deep Analytics Ability

Our experts dissect each game into its component components using the deconstruction technique in order to comprehend the game’s merits and weaknesses, the reasons for its popularity, the estimated income from it, and ways to improve it.

Out-of-the-box thinking

Even for those genres of games where the canons are firmly set, our pros know how to go outside the box and propose logical and innovative solutions: this helps your product to achieve total harmony of an unusual idea and engaging gameplay.

Our Primary Advantages in Game Design

We can ensure that we will find the best game designer for your project based on our experience dealing with games of various genres and the selection of a team for individual game jobs and full-fledged game creation: see our benefits for yourself.

Large base of Game designer 

We have built a large base of up to 5,000 expert game design specialists over the course of our ten years in the gaming industry, and we will select the ideal team to fulfill your business objectives.

Selection of expert

A well-developed recruiting strategy and a regulated selection procedure ensure a 2-4-week average recruiting period: the time varies based on the expert’s degree and specialism.

Full staff Equipment

We outfit a hired specialist or a team with all of the required equipment and software so that they can start working on your assignments right away, with no downtime.

Control and Flexibility

When certain activities appear or conclude, we can start the procedure for changing the composition of the team at any time. We also provide qualified project management for full control of all processes.