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Hire Android dedicated resources from logistic Infotech which is well known for the offshore service like Hire dedicated resources. You can hire dedicated resources as junior or senior developers depending on your project size and requirements.

Hire Dedicated Team

You can engage a dedicated team that includes all of the experts in one place, such as a web designer and a web developer for web development, and a mobile UI/UX designer, as well as an iOS or Android app developer or developer in one team for mobile app development. You can engage a dedicated team of designers, developers, and testers based on your project’s needs, timeline, size, and budget.

Why Hire Dedicated Resources From Asstron Eservices

  • Excellent Knowledge and Experience
  • Fast Execution Process
  • Full Control over Project Flow
  • Pocket-Friendly Budget
  • On-Time Delivery of Project
  • Error Free Project Development
  • Communication via Emails, Phone & Skype
  • Reports on Regular Basis


Hire Graphic Designer

Every corporate organization currently has a serious problem in promoting and exhibiting a website in the most elegant and user-friendly way possible. And it’s only getting tougher as the competition heats up!

Hire Game Designer

Create the game of your dreams with the game designers for hire we’ll locate for you via outsourcing or outstaffing. Our vast pool of professionals, as well as our in-depth understanding of the basics and trends of the gaming business, will enable you to augment your team with fully equipped experts committed to your project.

Video Editor

Send us the raw footage from your smartphone or DSLR camera. We’ll do the heavy lifting while you rest on the couch or complete other items on your to-do list. Finally, you will receive a professional film that speaks volumes about your business to the individuals that matter most to you.

Hire WordPress Developer

Without a doubt, WordPress serves the needs of a large number of users, and some Fortune 500 organizations rely only on WordPress for their operations. It’s no secret that having a WordPress developer on board who is both skilled and dexterous is a sure-fire approach to reaching the pinnacle of commercial success.

Hire Python Developer

Hiring Python developers in India is a cost-effective option for your company. India provides a pool of highly skilled developers who can work on your project at a cheaper cost than other countries, resulting in cost-effective online solutions for your company.

Hire Game Developer

We can easily assist you to hire game developers and growing your in-house team with the necessary remote experts who are entirely dedicated to your project thanks to our large pool of highly competent individuals from various gaming fields.

Hiring PPC Expert

We have a team of SEM and PPC experts who are familiar with the ins and outs of PPC and social media advertising. With strategic planning and a great team on your side, success is a certain conclusion. To begin your growth path, bring on board pre-vetted professionals.

Hiring SEO Expert

Hire an SEO Company in India-Asstron to give your business the competitive edge it requires and to promote your website in the top search results.

Hire iOS Developer

Asstron’s professional iOS app developers build, design, and deploy fast, feature-rich, innovative, and secure iOS apps for all your iOs devices at a lower cost and higher return with no sacrifice on quality.

Hire Android Developers

Asstron Eservice’s competent and motivated team of experts works in complete transparency. We ensure that our clients receive high-quality, cost-effective, and dependable Android app development

Hire Node JS Developer

Our flexible hire dedicated Node js developer services provide a completely transparent procedure with detailed reporting. All intellectual property rights and the source code belong to you.