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Asstron Eservice uses an outstaffing approach in addition to providing unique outsourced services for game art and development. We can easily assist you to hire game developers and growing your in-house team with the necessary remote experts who are entirely dedicated to your project thanks to our large pool of highly competent individuals from various gaming fields.

Our Game Development Service

You can engage a game development team to build a full-fledged entertainment product from the ground up, update an existing one, or give support for one that has already been released: we provide all of these services with a customized team structure for each project.

Game development from Scratch

You can hire a game development team to create a full-fledged entertainment product from the bottom up, update an existing one, or provide support for one that has already been released: we offer all of these services with a team structure that is tailored to each project.

Scaling your Inhouse Team

We assess the present state of your product development and form the best team to complete it on schedule and within budget, taking into account your company needs: Hire Unity and Unreal game developers for PC, mobile devices, and AR/VR-based applications, as well as porting and cross-platform game developers.

Full Support Of Your Product

We guarantee full post-support after the product is completed to eliminate inaccuracies and ensure maximum player satisfaction: regular updates, DLC, fixes, and additions will maintain user interest in your game, provide a high level of loyalty among existing players, and significantly expand the audience.

Hiring Model of Corporation


You entrust us with certain responsibilities or functions relating to specific aspects of game production or the full process. We select and manage the team for you, so you don’t have to worry about hiring people, providing proper tools, or dealing with the bureaucratic hurdles that come with working.


We choose individuals or a team from our large database of candidates, which you approve and officially transfer to your working state for the duration of the implementation of your tasks: you manage this team completely, and we provide everything it needs to relieve you of administrative and labor concerns.

In game development, we have a lot of tech know-how.



For these platforms, we develop games.


Full-cycle development, bug fixes, and post-support for a launched PC game in any genre or class, from indie to AAA, using any well-known or custom-made engine.


From hyper-casual games and puzzles to MOBA and MMORPG, we can build a mobile game from the ground up for Android and iOS or optimize existing works in a variety of genres.


Single-player, multiplayer, and massively multiplayer online games adapted for various browsers and devices, with server and monetization considerations considered and controlled.

The following are some of the most important advantages of game development to us.

Huge Base Game Developers – For 9 years of activity in the gaming market, we have developed a big base of highly competent game developers for hire in the amount of up to 10 thousand: we will select the finest team for your unique requirement.

Fast Selection of Specialist – A well-coordinated recruitment strategy and regulated selection methods allow us to guarantee an average hiring period of a candidate of 2-4 weeks, depending on the degree and specialization of the expert.

Post Hiring Support – We provide full support to the employee after selecting and recruiting the team you need to execute your task, from providing a full-fledged workspace and necessary software to all financial and documentary concerns.

Direct Communication – The third-party team recruiting approach gives you entire control and monitoring of all personnel without the need for unnecessary communication channels, intermediaries, or misunderstandings: this is your own devoted, highly motivated team.

Our Process

Finding and hiring specialists that are right for your project can be done in a few simple steps


Analysis Customer Requirement

We thoroughly examine the client’s project and the specifics of the jobs for which professionals are required (1 day)

Formation of Selection Criteria

We evaluate the client’s project in detail, as well as the nature of the jobs for which professionals are needed (1 day)

Finding the required Candidate

We keep an eye on our database to identify the right professionals with the right skills, and we choose the best prospects (2-4 days)

The First Stage Of Interview

Our HR professionals conduct interviews to ensure that the candidate’s soft skills are in line with the project’s requirements (1-5 days)

The Second Stage Of The Interview

Our technical specialists conduct interviews to confirm the conformity of the candidate’s hard capabilities to the project requirements (1-5 days) (1-5 days)

Candidate Feedback and Shortlisting

We give candidates who have been interviewed comments on how well their experience matches the project requirements (1-3 days)

Approval of Specialist and Offer

We educate the client about the professionals we’ve chosen, get their comments and permission, and then build them a functioning proposal (1-3 days)

Choosing And Agreeing To Start Date

We discuss with the hired professionals the most convenient time for them and the client to begin working (2 weeks after the offer)