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Outsource Medical Billing Service

Medical RCM/Billing Services We Offer


The number one responsibility that your healthcare organisation must focus on is prioritising the health of your patients. However, if you don’t get your billing in order, it could hurt your profitability and prevent you from providing the best treatment to your patients. With the correct medical billing outsourcing services, you can secure consistent revenues while also improving patient care

The best medical billing services will also help you save money and time by facilitating appropriate recordkeeping and avoiding errors when submitting bills and insurance claims.

For hospitals and healthcare providers, medical RCM services have become a crucial part of revenue management. The sector loses millions of dollars each year due to underpricing, coding problems, missed charges, and unpaid claims. Astron’s medical RCM solution prevents these losses and ensures that medical RCM is accurately processed.

For a long time, Flatworld Solutions has been one of the top providers of medical billing management services. We take the time to learn about each client’s specific needs and give them with tailored services that meet their needs. Some of the most important medical billing services we provide are:

Claim Denial Management

We can assist you to enhance your revenue by providing comprehensive claims denial management. Our entire process and professional team ensure that denials are kept to a minimum. Our skilled team evaluates denials and partial payments and then follows up with a thorough follow-up process. To address the denials, patients, providers, and other stakeholders are contacted, and supplemental paper claims are processed.

Insurance Verification

Our medical billing experts will verify insurance eligibility and benefits once we get the data before obtaining pre-certification for surgeries and diagnostic tests. The pre-certification is achieved after this stage is completed.

Patient Information Entry

Following the verification procedure, we enter the patient’s demographic information, medical history, diagnosis information, and insurance-related information for each new patient. The previously recorded information is validated for repeat patients. With the help of our online medical billing services, you can get the whole information on a patient at any moment once these data have been saved.

Medical Claims Transmission

You begin the medical billing process by sending us the patient list, demographic information, and copies of the patients’ insurance cards. Flatworld Solutions can receive the data by FTP, fax, or email. Medical claims are filed for follow-up with all essential information before being electronically sent to the claims transmission department.

Claim Submissions

We accept both electronic and manual claims submissions to insurance companies at Flatworld Solutions. To ensure that claims are rejected at the bare minimum, the process is closely reviewed and kept error-free. Correction and resubmission are done in the case of clearinghouse rejections.

Posting Payments

Our team enters scanned copies of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) and checks into the system. Every day, the staff reconciles the entries.

AR Management

To collect outstanding accounts receivables, extensive follow-up is conducted (AR). Regular telephonic and email follow-ups ensure that AR collection time is cut in half and income is increased.

Fee Chrarge Entry

At this point, your organization’s medical fee charges, as well as CPT and ICD-10 codes, are input into the practice management system. These are the charges that the claims are based on.

What Does A Medical Biller Do Exactly?

A medical biller is a professional who is in charge of delivering effective medical billing administration services, such as filing and processing insurance claims to insurers and other payers. Medical billers play a crucial role in the financial health of healthcare institutions. A medical biller must be meticulous in their job and have knowledge of both computerized and paper billing systems.

Outsource Medical Billing Services to Asstron Eservice

Asstron Eservice has been a pioneer in supplying clients all over the world with the best medical billing services and a variety of additional medical billing services. We have some of the most experienced and knowledgeable medical billing professionals on staff who can easily meet all of your demands. While providing the highest quality medical billing management services, we use the most up-to-date medical billing tools and technologies.

You’ve come to the right site if you’re seeking a dependable and cost-effective medical billing service provider. Please contact us right away!