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SEO Auditing Services Customized To Your Website’s Requirements


Are you wondering why your website isn’t ranking higher in the search engines? As an SEO leader, we’ll conduct an SEO audit in order to develop a winning approach.

  • 1-on-1 meetings with our SEO experts for a full SEO assessment for on-site and off-site SEO
  • A finalized audit with all findings and recommendations.

We’ve completed SEO audits for the most popular eCommerce and CMS platforms. 

Our in-depth SEO audits reveal issues and provide solutions.


If you already have a website but aren’t sure how it’s set up for SEO, an SEO audit may be beneficial. An audit can reveal the obstacles you’re up against, why you’re not meeting your SEO objectives, and the techniques your competitors are employing. We can also assist you in determining whether a website redesign or rebuild is required to run a successful ongoing SEO strategy. If you’re an online shop, our team has a lot of experience with eCommerce and can provide one of the most exhaustive and comprehensive eCommerce SEO audits on the market. When you embark on a full-fledged SEO strategy, the audit will help you be more prepared and reduce unknowns.

Detailed & Well-Designed SEO Audit

Our SEO audits are well-designed and straightforward to understand. We’ll organise a kick-off meeting with your and our teams, as well as a comprehensive audit review call once the audit is thorough. It usually takes 3-5 weeks to execute an SEO assessment.

Technical Website Audit

Our web development team collaborates with our SEO team to conduct a technical audit of the website and identify any programming or technical issues that could be creating SEO concerns.

Extensive Competitor Research

We’ll give you a full analysis of each of your top competitors, as well as their SEO approach, which we’ll reverse engineer. That will assist us to figure out what technique we’ll need to rank above them and compete for high search positions with them.

Keyword Research

The cornerstone for SEO success is a well-researched keyword list. We’ll create a keyword list based on your top priorities, as well as search volume and search intent research. We’ll collaborate to complete the list, deciding on the terms you’ll need to rank at the top of Google. We’ll establish a baseline report after the list is authorised so you can readily compare future keyword movements to where you started.

Content & Inbound Link Profile Audit

Our SEO experts will assess your present content strategy as well as your link profile (the website linking to yours). We may give recommendations for new content strategies, link-building techniques, or the removal of specific content or links.

Components of Our SEO Audits:

On-Page Audit Elements – This section of your technical SEO audit should focus on your website’s content and how visitors and search engines perceive it. Your on-page content has a lot of different components.

Structured Data Audit – This data markup qualifies your content for two different types of Google SERP display features: Presentations and Answers from the Knowledge Graph have been improved.

Content Center Audit – Your website SEO audit should take into account your content development and content marketing initiatives.

Keyword Analysis Audit – These are the sources of organic traffic to your website. Your website audit will uncover prospective keywords to target in order to enhance traffic by mapping out all of your present keywords.

Competitor Analysis Audit – Competitor analysis is unavoidable in a proper website audit. We examine your most immediate competitors using a range of tools to see how they stack up against your website in terms of keyword and authority.

Organic Traffic Trends and Insights – Your SEO audit should go back as far as your metrics would allow looking at organic traffic trends.

Website Authority Backlink Audits – The quality of your website’s backlink profile is what determines its authority. Given the importance of backlinks in terms of organic ranking positions and their capacity to elicit penalties, this section of your SEO site audit should contain a comprehensive backlink profile study.