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Software consulting services aid in the evaluation and improvement of technology-assisted business processes. ScienceSoft is a software consulting firm with over 3,000 success stories across a wide range of IT demands.

Consulting for Different Goals

Technology consulting, software assessment


  • Examine how your present software works and how well it fits your business’s requirements.
  • Inefficient processes, unjustified IT spending, software malfunctions and performance delays, low user adoption, and security risks are all investigated.
  • Making a plan to deal with the inefficiencies that have been discovered. Software refactoring, migration, and upgrading are all possibilities.
  • Resolving software bugs in terms of functionality, performance, and security.

We Offer


  • 15+ software development domains are covered by expert teams.
  • 5-15 years of experience as IT consultants, developers, and architects.
  • Projects in more than 30 industries.

Software development consulting and implementation

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Software architecture assessment and redesign

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Different Business Situations, Techs, and Software Types require different types of consulting.