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Offshore Outsourcing Services

We provide our clients with high-quality, dependable, quick, cost-effective, and client-centric outsourcing services.

With our one-of-a-kind OPD engagement strategy, you can boost your company’s bottom line.

  • To begin, establish your own Offshore Development Centre (ODC), which will be administered by our firm.
  • Add knowledgeable and highly qualified IT professionals to your team based on your needs.
  • More than 40 firms have successfully used our offshore outsourcing model.

Outsourcing has become a global phenomenon as a result of the global economy’s evolution. Offshore outsourcing is now regarded as a value enhancer that enables businesses to streamline their core processes while saving money. Your choice of an experienced outsourcing service provider that can meet the crucial business and technical requirements that match your expectations is the key to effectively outsourcing your projects.

Asstron well-defined and tested processes have allowed us to expand into a wide range of outsourcing services while maintaining the same high standards of quality, effectiveness, and responsiveness that distinguish our outsourcing services. We are capable of producing predictable quality and measurable results through our specified processes thanks to our unique offshore business model.

Offshore Outsourcing Services

Dental Billing 

From over 20 years, Asstron Services has been a top dental Dental billing company, serving the needs of clients. We specialize in offering clients all over the world error-free dental/medical billing services in a timely manner.

Medical Billing

We can assist you to enhance your revenue by providing comprehensive claims denial management. Our entire process and professional team ensure that denials are kept to a minimum. Our skilled team evaluates denials and partial payments and then follows up with a thorough follow-up process.


The outsourcing industry has evolved into a critical component of today’s business landscape. Outsourcing BPO services in India arose from the necessity to decrease costs and focus on core strengths.

IT resources

Our outsource software development firm can provide you with a low-cost, high-quality IT workforce. To obtain the most business-relevant outcomes, we’ll assemble a team specialized to your specific project requirements.